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Thread: Popular Disco Tune

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    Popular Disco Tune

    I was in a bar a few months ago and this really great cheesy, bad disco track came on the jukebox and I was lovin' it!
    I can't remember any lyrics for the life of me, but it's one we've all heard a million times I'm sure. I live in the US if that helps.
    The only thing else I can say is that it had a real 90's sound to it... like maybe mid to late 90's, but very very disco sounding. Very dancy like Stayin' Alive. Honestly it could have come from any era, 70s,80s,90s,but something about it seemed newer. Very poppy and dancy. I've been up and down the web and all over youtube and disco, pop, and dance stations listening for it but I can't find it. I might just make the trek back to the bar because it is seriously driving me crazy. Any thoughts would be great thanks,

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    not much to go on but the only thing that springs to my mind is Steps - Tragedy which is a cover of the Bee Gees track
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    Nah not quite... Definitely a 90's sound there, but it was way more uplifting like Best of my Love. Thanks for the help. It sounds like it'd be on like a cheesy Top 10 megahitz collection or something, especially because it was played in a bar. It's gonna be real obvious once someone gets it.

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