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Thread: Pioneer HDJ-1000 Professional Headphones

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    Pioneer HDJ-1000 Professional Headphones

    Hello, and thanks for viewing my auction. You are bidding on a used,but great,great condition Pioneer DJ Headphones. only used by me indoors, never ata party or club. I bought these brand new from Guitar Center for $150, but I am letting them go for a lot less. Don't get fooled by the cheap knockoffs on here claiming they are new. They are new but they are Chinese knockoffs. Here is how to tell. The originals should have...

    - Silver Swivels instead of black swivels
    - They should have a Mono/stereo switch
    - They should have the 1/4" Gold-plated adapter
    - and have an oval O on the headband instead of a round O

    Mine have all of these authentic features, take a look at my pictures, and compare them to the so called "new headphones" Look at the headphones let's say from Guitar Center, and notice the silver swivel, then compare it to the black one on most new HDJ 1000's being sold on here, and you will be convinced.You might pay $30 for a pair of new headphones on here,but they most likely are fake, so good luck in bidding
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    Wow..nice deal there man..

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