As I mentioned in my last Addictive Global review they had been gone from the scene for a little while but they're now back again with tunes for the people! I was also excited to see both Majera and Ronski Speed on the label. This time we have Russian producer Anton Firtich. The Russians sure are delivering the tunes lately - I have especially noticed producers like "Arty", "Poshout", "Invisible Sounds" and of course "Ilya Soloviev". Anyway, Anton is yet another one with some big tunes behind him already. If you haven't been out of the trance loop for the last two years you should know of "Rain Over The Ocean" and "Moonlight Madness".

1. Mirage (Original Mix)

This track is a little more heavy than his earlier tracks. A little more sub-bass and a rough electro-tinged bassline which plays the dominating part throughout the track. Towards the mid-section of the track we're introduced to a very distinct "flute'ish" kind of synth lead which sounds like something coming out of Ferry Corsten's studio (much like the lead in Anton's "Moonlight Madness" track). This is not a bad thing though as it gives the track an unique touch and a warm feel. This track might not be a peaker but it will bend bridges between the deeper and slower progressive trance tracks and the more uplifting ones.

Great release once again from Addictive Global. I'm liking their new "less is more" approach (be it intentional or not). This is a great track and a good follow-up with the same sort of style as his previous tunes - fans should therefore not be dissapointed.


YouTube - Anton Firtich - Mirage

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