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Bruno Martins born in 1982 in Curitiba, Brazil, is a DJ and producer of Electro, House, Progessive House, among others. My biggest motivation to keep moving is one of the biggest names in world electronic scene, the Deadmau5, or Zimmernan Joel, who became the DJ / Producer / Remixer most prized by the Beatport Music Awards. He was named "The most influential, ahead of time and relevant person of the year", also on Beatport, and was named "Producer of the Year in 2007 by Armin Van Buuren, DJ No 1 from the renowned magazine DJ Mag .

In December 2008, was one of the finalists of the competition 'Space Guitar' by AIMEC (International School of Electronic Music) Brazil. Where rewarded the best remixes of electronic music through the Selo ELETRODOMESTICOS, so my productions would be the biggest portal for electronic music, BEATPORT, after the dedication many producers and DJs began to include my songs like 'Life pad' and 'I miss You 'in multiple albums around the world.

Now in mid-2009, I reached a new stage in my life, my newest project titled 'World Guitar', with special participation of Phaell Pieroni with her amazing voice, and with songs titled like 'Do not Hold Me' and Because of the night 'I hope to do as much success as my idol is Deadmau5.

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