Time Circle Deep is back with another progressive thinker, this time at the hands of Russian duo, Plastic Renegades. Their Original Mix is a deep progressive trance track with a pulsing straight bassline — where epic melodies and atmospheres meet that distinctive Plastic Renegades sound, retro bleeps and bops.

This time around, Evgeny Bardyuzha finds himself on remix duties. His mix is altogether a more techy affair with a chunky, dynamic bassline and just a touch of glitch in there to give the track that final shine.

Rounding off the pack is the Acoustic Mix; showcasing breathtaking orchestral strings and a hypnotic piano melody, this chilled-out beauty wouldn't be out of place on a film score.

Whichever mix captures your imagination, this is surely a tune for those thoughtful moments!

DJ / Radio support:

Mr. Sam, Ernesto vs Bastian, Michael McEachern, Michael Brennan, Derek Harri, Sam Said, Merrick Harvey, Slang, East Sunrise, Lord Bass, Adam Alonso, Michael Witness, Jos Klaster, Bart Claessen, Aurosonic, Funabashi, Exminds, Baggi Begovic, Suzy Solar, Danjo, Magnus Johansson, The Orange, Flash Brothers.


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