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Thread: Tucandeo - Meridian EP [Infra Progressive]

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    Tucandeo - Meridian EP [Infra Progressive]

    Tucandeo - a name which I haven't heard of. Apparently this Irish duo already has a few productions out on Navigation Records and add to that some plays by Paul van Dyk. As I've mentioned before it's nice to see labels picking up new talents instead of only releasing the same style of tracks by the same names. And more stuff is on the way. Coldharbour signed "Benya", also known as Yamin, has a record coming up on InfraProgressive. Things are looking good for this labels future!


    Meridian is the title track of this EP. Begins with a swoosh effect and a heavy bass and percussion. Some melody stabs start to "rain" and slowly takes us towards the core which consists of a driving proggy bass and some soft melodies. The whole production doesn't feel that tight but I'm loving the different effects and melodies - so addictive! This just takes us to One Summer Day which is track #2; as the title kind of suggests, this one laidback track. Very "floaty"and summerish in the same way as Sundriver productions. Tir Na Nog, a name from the old Irish mythology and the next track on this EP. Again, in the same style as the two previous ones. Nice and groovy with a very distinct electric guitar lead. Another Day is just as driving and aggressive as Meridian. Lovely piano breakdown in this one!


    I think this EP is a love and hate thing. Some might find it completely uinteresting and uinspiring. For me this is the type of EP where you can load them all into the media player, press play and lean back and enjoy them all. All 4 tracks are similar stylewize but it doesn't take away that they each have some lovely melodies. Perfect for home listening and for radio shows, but probably not something I would burn to the CD for club use. Up until now this is the best record on InfraProgressive along with DJ Eco's "Borealis", that is from a very personal perspective though.


    Meridian: YouTube - Tucandeo - Meridian
    One Summer Day: YouTube - Tucandeo - One Summer Day
    Tir Na Nog: YouTube - Tucandeo - Tir Na Nog
    Another Day: YouTube - Tucandeo - Another Day

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    I really like Meridian and Another Day, good release

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    "One Summer Day" is Sublime !

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