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Thread: Anhken & Adrian - Intuition [Fraction Records]

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    Anhken & Adrian - Intuition [Fraction Records]

    Anhken seems to have a contract with just about every major label in the industry at the moment. Now the time has come to a signed contract with the Signalrunners' Fraction Records. Anhken has once again joined forces with his Romanian producer buddy Adrian whom he also worked with on "That One Moment". On this release you'll find a Sunny LAX remix which has already seen major support by Above & Beyond on Trance Around The World. There's also a techier version to be found which is made by upcoming talent Liam Melly.

    Original Mix
    This track feels much harder than the usual 128 - 130 bpm Anhken productions. The clap has more reverb and the kick drum has a bit more, well, "kick" to it. This track still follows the style of his earlier production somewhat. The spectacular melodies and the crisp percussion elements are there. This track probably holds one of the best breakdowns I have heard in the past two months; soft pads that takes the track into a sweet atmospheric downtempo universe - nothing but sublime! The track returns in full force with a vibrant electro tinged bass, which should make this perfect for the dancefloor.

    Liam Melly Remix
    Liam is a producer to look out for in my opinion. I recently reviewed a single by him, which was of supreme quality. This remix is tight and should fit right in, in those more upbeat tech trance sets. The bassline has a bit of "discover records" sound to it while the the melody from the original has been re-used, but without the downtempo section.

    Sunny LAX Remix
    Not as driving and powerful as the Liam Melly remix but with more focus on the melodies. Very much an epic remix where the whole production just seem to fall together. Top remix from a top producer!

    Some of the best I have heard from Fraction Records in a while. The Original Mix is the winner because of the poweful breakdown which really sucks you in, in that special way. Without a doubt one of my top singles of November and both remixes are hot as well. Outstanding!


    Original Mix: YouTube - Anhken & Adrian - Intuition (Original Mix)
    Liam Melly Remix: YouTube - Anhken & Adrian - Intuition (Liam Melly Remix)
    Sunny LAX Remix: YouTube - Anhken & Adrian - Intuition (Sunny LAX Remix)

    Beatport: 23/11/2009

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    very nice sunny lax remix

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    the sunny lax remix is simply divineee
    My mixcloud page ;) aka DJ Zenthetix ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altered-Mind View Post
    the sunny lax remix is simply divineee
    It sure is
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