01. Hydro Aquatic - Impact
02. Hydro Aquatic - Moon River

Hydro Aquatic is back for another solo EP, this time on the main Monster imprint. Following on from the success of his last EP 'Aurora / Healthy' featuring on Monster Pure, Kamil Kaminski, as he's known to his parents, has delivered us a huge release with 'Impact', which does exactly what it says on the tin, along with 'Moon River'.

Both of these tracks are a great example of this up and coming producers talents, showing that he can create excellent music and production that has been executed to perfection. A future trance hero to keep an eye out for in the future? We think so!

Hydro Aquatic - Impact
YouTube - Hydro Aquatic - Impact

Hydro Aquatic - Moon River
YouTube - Hydro Aquatic - Moon River [TATW] 259

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