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Thread: Redstar - Everything That Matters [Red Force]

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    Redstar - Everything That Matters [Red Force]

    Release Date: 30/11/2009
    Label: Red Force Recordings
    Cat#: RF018
    Format: MP3/WAV

    1. Everything That Matters (Original Extended Mix)
    2. Everything That Matters (Original Edit)
    3. Everything That Matters (Red Vision Remix)
    4. The Weapon (Original Mix)

    Most Europeans and probably Americans themselves don't associate the US with trance. Hopefully that will change cause they do have some talents that no trance fan should miss out on. Steve 'Redstar' Bolger has most certainly made an impact on the trance scene since he released his "Awakening EP" in 2008. Since then he has delivered some strong remixes for the likes of Sean Truby, Ehren Stowers and Darren Tate. Earlier he (re-)released a two parter of the Awakening EP on his own label with remixes from some of his favourite producers but what really earned him some extra points (in my book) was his Monster Tunes release which was a real spine tingler. Just a few weeks ago he released his second single on Enhanced Recordings which was served with remixes from Deepwide and Oliver P - what more could one ask for? This young fellow is definitely on the up and up!

    This new single on his own label Red Force Recordings has already been played by Above & Beyond on their radio show and as well by Sean Tyas, Signum and Sunny LAX. This is an all "Red" single with no additional remixes but knowing Steve's history this certainly shouldn't be a bad thing!

    Original Mix
    The first two and a half minutes shows the Redstar we know. Uptempo, rough and trancey but at the same time very melodic and it seems very well thought through. I'm not too fond of the piano which plays throughout the break, even though it isn't too dominating. The dreamy pads do however make up for it; absolutely brilliant atmosphere! When the main lead kicks in, it gets even better - and here the piano does work wonders in the background. Uplifting with endless amounts of positive energy (as cheesy as that may sound). The melody now takes another direction, surfing into an euphoric universe thematized by an aciding synth. The melody then returns. This is however only a part of the full extended version of the track and in the "Short Mix / Original Edit" you only get the main melody.

    Red Vision Remix
    This was the version aired on Trance Around the World with Above & Beyond. Red Vision is of course Steve himself. I'm surprised how different this is from the original. It has a few guitar touches and I like the kind of sizzling stabby synth effect that has been build around the break. It keeps the tune at a sort of boiling point.

    The Weapon
    Again, this tune has got the Redstar signature sound all over it somehow. I don't know how I should describe his style exactly but I can still recognize it in a second which is funny. It's a bit more "spacey" than Everything That Matters and the sub-bass isn't as pumping. The melodies are somewhat lighter albeit not as captivating as in the title track.

    I'm usually pleased with Redstar's work and this is also the case here. Great energy mixed with lush melodies is a good combination. My only point of critique would be the use of piano in the breakdown. It's being used by everyone these days. Apart from that a big thumbs up from here! I personally prefer the "Short Mix / Original Edit" and the second runner up is the Red Vision version which compliments the original mix perfectly without sounding identical in any way!


    Original Mix: YouTube - Redstar - Everything That Matters (Original Edit)
    Red Vision Remix: YouTube - Redstar - Everything That Matters (Red Vision)
    The Weapon: YouTube - Redstar - The Weapon

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