Release Date: 30/11/2009
Label: Monster Tunes
Cat#: MONSTER034
Format: MP3/WAV

1. Memento (Suncatcher Remix)
2. Memento (Original Mix)

Digitalis is a young DJ/Producer and label owner. He is the man behind Tranceflo Records which he is managing along with Björn Hodel. I personally remember this guy from a single a few years ago called "Sea Of Dreams" which wasn't too bad at all.

Here is a man who is pretty much all over the place with his productions at the moment. He's injected a not too over the top electro tinged bassline which gives the track some groove and edge. In the break Suncatcher goes all Daniel Kandi with a few piano notes. In addition to that some soft pads and a melody that rises and blows all up when the bass pops back in. The track has a nice flow and a gorgeous melody. Lovely stuff here!

The Original version of the track feels more energetic than the remix. The bassline has got a very nice Mike Shiver feel to it which certainly is a plus. Digitalis takes his time to build up the energy and the break seems like a succes but the pay-off isn't as satisfying as I had hoped for. It's like you're waiting for a bomb to be dropped but it just never happens.

Not my favourite single on Monster Tunes this year but the Suncatcher Rmx sure is solid. This guy is one to watch out for!


Suncatcher Remix: YouTube - Digitalis - Memento (Suncatcher Remix)
Original Mix: YouTube - Digitalis - Memento (Original Mix)