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Thread: Ableton help?

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    Ableton help?

    In the past I used to mix with Traktor & Virtual DJ. I was able to set up cueing very easily. So I could here the master from the speakers and cue/mix the second track and listen to it on my headphones.

    But with Ableton I just can't seem to set it up! I took a screenshot of it and I've selected in red squares where I think could be the mistake. Are the settings right? Because I can't hear the second track on my headphones

    If you need more screenshots to resolve this I will give you what you need but could you tell me what i'm doing wrong? thanks!

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    Looks like you have a soundcard with only 1 stereo output. You need at least 2 stereo outputs 1 for main output and 1 for cueing.
    There is also a great forum for ableton DJs: Ableton Live DJ :: Index

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