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Thread: Mist Over & Mark Dorthold "Vapour" [Capite Music], Out now

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    Mist Over & Mark Dorthold "Vapour" [Capite Music], Out now

    Capite Music presents

    Mist Over & Mark Dorthold "Vapour" [CP005]

    "Mist Over, is next great polish duet in the scene, composed of two good solo producers: GSR and Dave Shifting. This time they combined talents with another polish talent Mark Dorthold, and done a track called "Vapour". The 'Vapour" characterized by a large number of emotion, huge power mixed with epic melodies. This track is ideal for long and cold winter evenings.

    First remix has been made by a swedish trance talent. Warpfuz made a perfect bouncing bassline, with a big amount of pads and very melancholic breakdown which will blow your brains out.

    The next remix place fell to Alan M - one of Sean Tyas's Melbourne finalist. He based his remix on legendary TS303 sounds which made track originaly and completely different from original."

    01. Original Mix
    02. Warpfuz Remix
    03. Alan M Remix

    Supported by: Paul Van Dyk , M.I.K.E , Luke Terry, John O'Bir, Jorn van Deynhoven, Manuel Le Saux and more!

    Juno Download
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    Great release mate, already supporting the Alan M mix but all three are great
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