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Thread: GDJB World Tour

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    GDJB World Tour

    I am listening to the GDJB World Tour in Denver Colorado which was played on on 12-3-2009. This is awesome. I am up late writing a paper for my graduate course work and I love the crowd screaming along with these tunes. I wish I could get a recording of this set. Is it possible? Let me know, and kudos to the trance community of the world, it's a massive genre! I'm glad to be a part of it.
    I love the beat & melodic female voices of trance.

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    As with all the sets broadcast....It should be posted there on the first post, usually around 48hrs after broadcast assuming we have permission from Markus to do so.
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    I agree. Great episode of this. Thanks for the download link Victoria
    -John D

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