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Thread: Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Way // Time Circle Recordings // + HD Video

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    Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Way // Time Circle Recordings // + HD Video



    The second release on Time Circle Recordings is a long-awaited single of one of the top-flight British vocalists — Tiff Lacey.

    With just a piano accompaniment, the Acoustic mix offers the listener a rare treat, showcasing the sensuality of Tiff’s voice paired with her tremendous vocal execution. With its hypnotising vocals, haunting piano melodies and chilled-out mood, this mix will entice and draw you in.

    Leaving behind any traces of simplicity and melancholy found in the Acoustic mix, American producer Gabriel Lucosz offers a perfect contrast in his bright and dynamic remix. This track abounds with synth pieces, and guitar riffs, but Lucosz has also seamlessly woven vocal chops and effects into the mix, with the end result being a colourful slice of progressive trance.

    Well-known prog house producer Ivan Spell (Jee Productions) rounds up the pack with his remix and dub version as a bonus. Both mixes showcase all that is popular in progressive house today, infectious percussion and a deep atmospheric build up. Prog lovers will be delighted, for this remix really does it’s business.

    DJ / Radio support:

    Matt Darey / Nocturnal, Pedro Del Mar / Mellomania, Michael McEachern, Kenn Burrola, Derek Harri, Michael Brennan, Matt Fossey, Wayne Murray, 4Mal, Bryant S Littlejohn, Gilbert Renoir, JOOP, Tom Colontonio, Suzy Solar, Funabashi, Danjo, Factoria, Flash Brothers and many more.


    Tiff Lacey: Website / Myspace
    Ivan Spell: Myspace
    Gabriel Lukosz: Myspace



    Buy from:

    Release date - Dec 14, 2009.

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    Единственная приглянувшаяся версия со всего релиза - это дабка от Ивана Спелла, но и в ней слышны "шумовые" излишевства и дифицит в инструментарии. Хотя идейность привлекает,чуть иначе бы реализовать это все.....

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    Out now exclusively // Audiojelly
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