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Thread: Name of the song Probably with marcus schultz

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    Name of the song Probably with marcus schultz


    Heard a song for nearly 20-30 mins ago, i think it was with marcus schultz and a girl singing, part of her saying in the song "you dont know what your in for" ,

    if someone knows the name of the song please reply ^^


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    You should check out his GDJBs and Ill bet you find it
    <-----------------Pic is from GDJB World Tour Denver, Co :-)

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    I think it is "Markus Shulz ft. Jenifer rene - Not The Same" probably

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    Track ID

    Hey Joelyn!

    Track ID is:

    Tocadisco & Nadia Ali - Better Run (Wippenberg Remix)

    YouTube - Tocadisco & Nadia Ali- Better Run (Wippenberg Remix) HD TATW 293

    Great song, heard it on Above & Beyond's "Trance Around The World 293"

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