OUT NOW!!! Lacandon - Moma Robinja EP Part1 - Jetlag Digital

Listen here:

1.) Moma Robinja Original Mix
2.) Moma Robinja Oliver Morgenroth Remix
3.) Moma Robinja Maindave Remix

Release Date: Dec 10th, 2009
Styles Progressive / Progressive
Promo Avg: 4.33 / 5
Score: 78.0
Overall Rank: Reached #8 on Dec 9th, 2009

Lacandon aka Georgi Nikolov presents his 2nd EP on Jetlag Digital which
comes in two Parts. The first Part comes alongside with remixes from Jetlag
Digital Artist Oliver Morgenroth & Sudam Member Maindave.

These 3 excellent Trackz, will touches your soul with his unbelievable
Darkness and his orientalic moments.

some list of supporters till now : Darin Epsilon, Kintar (original mix,maindave remix),
Igor Brewer (Maindave Remix) ,Audioholic (Maindave remix),Federico Epis ,
Thomas Haverlik (Original Mix ),Rasti Tckak(Original mix,Maindave Remix)
,Kliment (KLiment remix live in Moshic Party) ,Dark Virsuboy (Maindave
remix and Original Mix) ,Ariel Curtis (All),Dj Keekos,Dj Toppy,D-Phrag ,
Stiven Rivic ,Michael and Levan , Fernando Ferreyra and Mariano Favre
,Mariano Santos , Ak , Hassan Rassmy , Dj Denko , Chris Drifter , Ivan
Nikusev , Panoulix (Maindave Remix) , dj Timetourist , Thomas Haverlik ,
Paul Kwittek , Escodero and Phm , Mehmet Akar , Denis Bozman , Ben Coda
, Fede Monanchesi , Frangellico ,