Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you about the 3rd release of our new label Spring Tube.

Our third release is coming from bright, energetic, attractive for their music with an unusual and original sounding producers duo's from Russia - Magnetic Brothers (Anton Golubev & Arthur Golubev).
Their career began in 2007. For 2 years of the project in more than a dozen releases on the domestic and foreign labels, musical works of brothers have received support from the russian club industry leaders. In 2009 guys still do not cease to amaze - was recorded already the second duo's album, in which every track is original and unique.
We present you 3 new and exclusive tracks from Magnetic Brothers, which have been selected by us in a "Magshine EP". This is a tech house release with progressive sounding's notes. Strong beats, deep atmospheres, techy and tribal percussions, also not without melodic synth pads - definitely unique blend of sounds. If you are constantly looking for the new sounding, you can certainly find it here. Enjoy and be ready for more from these artists and also from our label in 2010! Happy Christmas and New Year!!

Some of the feedbacks/supports that we receive from well known DJs/producers:

Lank (Boz Boz / Baroque / microCastle / Sick Watona / Foundation)
Support for "Spatree" : "Cool track!" - 8/10 | already played in artist's radioshow "Bounce Back" on Proton Radio

Derek Howell (GU / Hope / Bedrock / Proton / Outside The Box / Polytechnic / microCastle / MasterLux)
Support for "Spatree" : "Very nice!" - 9/10

Joel Armstrong (Baroque / Proton / Sick Watona / Frisky / Dot Dot)
Support for "Magshine" : "Dope" - 7/10

Andy Newland (Bedrock / Renaissance / Baroque / Ministry of Sound / Twisted Audio)
""Spatree" sounds interesting" - 3.5/5

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto / Lost Angeles / Polytechnic / Inkfish / Source Of Gravity / Curvve / Dissident / DI FM / Proton Radio)
"Liking this one. Well thought out and well written tracks that breathe quality. "Spatree" is my favorite in this package"

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK / Polytechnic / Morphosis / Mistique / Flextone / Sundesire / Progressive Grooves / Dance Radio Global)
"Release sounds nice - some interesting melodies and percussion. If I had to pick my favourite it would be "Deltime" as I really like the squelchy bass"

Embliss (Electronic Elements / Proton / Silk / Morphosis / Mistique)
"Nice works! I like "Magshine" and "Deltime""

Technodreamer (Spring Tube)
""Magshine" - smooth techy-progressive sound…"Deltime" - techno intellect & deep moods, sounds tasty - best of release for me!"

Release is available exclusively on Beatport.
Listen and buy it if you like it:

Thanks for your support!

Spring Tube's team,