Elektrotribe is proud to announce the birth of its new monthly compilation!!
ZigZag is a new kind of records series! It s aimed at each of you who love music which is not to be heard on fm stations 10 times per day… Which means good music only!!! So let s get down to the music! ZigZag will come out every month and presents a bunch of new innovative electronic productions! Each compilation puts the light on one side of the electronic stage, featuring upcoming artists alongside with long time settled heads of the stage. Music styles are wide open, and this makes in big part the charm of the concept! You never know what is going to happen when you will hear the next track! Kind of cool isn´t it?
ZigZag will give lights on each volume to five artists. To keep some suspense for the upcoming ones, names won’t be spread right now. But be sure that the enthusiasm is great among the artists involved in the ZigZag project! You can expect amazing productions, different from what is usually released as electronic music today!

Volume 1 : WD40 & Dj Eve Lys, Moosbach, Thorsten Maier, Daniela La Luz, Sozonov & Lera

Volume 2 focuses on dirty beats, from bassline electronic to hypnotic & distorted universes!
It includes music by Adam Smith, Moss Bart & Marco Parenti, Pol Moreno, Mr Haselbain & Digital Filth!

Click on the cover to listen ;)
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coming soon in 2010 !!
041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation)
042 : Night Ghosts (Compilation)