Elektrotribe Records l 30 Oct 09

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Torro Remote is letting the Bulls out one more time!!!
Torro´s new EP “Transparent” shows a progression in the style of the UK producer. Progression is particulalry adapted term to describe the style of Torro´s new EP! When it goes down to the tracks constructions, building progressively from led back parts, leading to new peak times! Torro Remote integrates with style twisted vocals, that he is resampling along the tracks… For instence Magma, or Transparent !
The new Torro Remote is a very strong EP that will break into rave nearly every dancefloor you put the track on! Futurist, spacial & groovy, without getting in the mainstream clichés, Transparent should reach new peaks, as its small bother “RSN08” did at the beginning of the Year!
Comes along with a Bonus track from Torro Remote´s early productions called "Electronic" exclusive on Beatport & elektrotribe.com!

Support by James Zabiela, Tocadisco, Farfa, Dj Mini, Einmusik ....

Enjoy Torro´s new BomB
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coming soon in 2010 !!
041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation)
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