Elektrotribe Records l 11 Dec 09

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Elektrotribe is very proud to announce the release of Datensi´s debut album!!!
Datensi´s music comes directly from the antique center of the universe : Greece. Less to say, his music is "Epic" as he prooved with his firsts productions released as Eps & Singles since 2007! Datensi has also produced amazing remixes for labels like Affin, Artminimal & of course Elektrotribe. He is now moving to the long player format, and this move might be one of his most succesfull !

Umbel, Datensi´s debut, is an amazing album, pleasing your ears with laid back minimalist beats turning into a Techno climax through unexpected breaks build up. The album includes ten songs composed through 2008 & 2009 by Manolis Potouridis aka Datensi. Interesting are the collaborations with the Greek producer "Echoline", evolving in a moody atmosphere. Along the album you will met experimental electronic songs, with dissasembled grooves, as well as very straight night music anthems, where echoes & hall effects are abusedly used.

Early listening sessions at Elektrotribe headquarter brought those kind of “images”, boogie electronic robots, Intergalactic Fight, Space Mission, Dark Boogie Invaders, Space Break Zones.... Be welcome in the intergalactic Spaceship, close your belt and cross the fingers!

Good Listening!
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coming soon in 2010 !!
041 : ZigZag vol 3 (Compilation)
042 : Night Ghosts (Compilation)