Young Polish producer Kamil Kaminski is back with another record for the Monster label. Probably alot of people out there remember his first release "Aurora / Healthy" which wasn't a bad 2-tracker at all! Also worth to mention, is his track Hydrosphere which so far, is my favourite work of his. Well, here is a new one, already out in all stores and available to buy.

The a-side (or since this probably wont see a vinyl release, "track 1") builds up with a sizzling bass synth which slowly reveals itself, step-by-step. The plucks starts to appear and induces some melody in the track. The track then dives into a deep breakdown with some fat pads. The melody and build-up feels a little standard to be honest, but when the plucks come into play again along with a piano line, the track actually feels right.

Moon River
This one feels like the obvious pick of the two. It's more solid and polished. The melody works better, has a sense of uniqeness and the bass is a whole lot more "big room".

As stated, Moon River overall works alot better. The release has a love/hate thing to it; I think if uplifting is your style, this will suit you well. However, are you only part-time uplifting lover this might be a turn-off. Check out the samples and judge for yourselves:

Impact: YouTube - Hydro Aquatic - Impact
Moon River: YouTube - Hydro Aquatic - Moon River

Available here:
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