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Thread: Bruni Bergeron - Downrising [Infrasonic]

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    Bruni Bergeron - Downrising [Infrasonic]

    I'm not sure "long awaited" might even cover it; I remember DJ Precision, who ran the legendary Somatic Sense / Profuse label, playing this tune alot. I also remember that he almost managed to release it, but we just weren't that lucky. It has litterally been years of waiting now and it's good to see that Infrasonic has snatched this one up and thrown in some remixes from some talented names.

    Original Mix
    Before the 4/4 kick drum arrangement sets in, Bruni introduces us to a very grand and dramatic intro. The progression and composition of various percussion hits sits nicely in the production and reaches just a little further than the standard trance setup (thank you!). The melody builds up nicely and the breakdown also does the track, however, the pay-off is what it's all about - at least for me - the main lead is very sharp and the underlying bassline makes it a perfect dance track and I can almost visualize the dancefloor infront of me. Superb!

    Sequentia Remix
    1 part German and 1 part Dutch, this duo has delivered a good bunch of tunes in their time and as well some good remixes. This remix follows a more straight and strict dancefloor structure without any intro and starts right off with the 4-to-the-floor beats. The boys pretty much re-used the sharp melody (albeit with a few modifications) and added a more aggressive and rough bassline, delicous pads and a few additional sweeping melodies to fatten up the mix.

    Solis Remix
    A bit more of a moody feel in this track/mix. It feels like the tune is holding back on something and it kinda does, which comes to show in the breakdown where it opens up. Uplifting track with some heavy sub-bass.

    XGenic Remix
    The Argentinian gang, XGenic, rounds off the package with a full-fire mix. Very straight-to-the-point with fast melodic progressions and a big atmospheric breakdown.


    Original Mix: YouTube - Bruni Bergeron - Downrising (Original Mix)
    Sequentia Remix: YouTube - Bruni Bergeron - Downrising (Sequentia Remix)
    Solis Remix: YouTube - Bruni Bergeron - Downrising (Solis Remix)
    XGenic: YouTube - Bruni Bergeron - Downrising (XGenic Remix)

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