Hi everyone!

Please check out the final instalment of FurioTek pres Euphonik:TekTonik of the year below! Broadcast on the one & only Dance Biscuit Radio...

None of this 'Best of 2009/End of the year' stuff; just carrying on giving you the very best new trance & techno! Sorry about the delay in posting a link by the way, won't happen again! ;)

FurioTek - FurioTek presents Euphonik:TekTonik 016 - SoundCloud


01. Tonight (Santerna Intro Mix) - Haris C feat. Anthya [Factual Records]
02. Shine On (C-Systems Vocal Mix) - Jo Micali [Unearthered Records]
03. The New Year (Danilo Ercole Alternative Remix) - Vantronik [Factor 4]
04. From Paradise! - Jordan Suckley [Goodgreef Digital]
05. Devil With A Cause - Ronald van Gelderen [RAW Sessions]
06. Do You Dream (Ferry Corsten Remix) - Markus Schulz [Coldharbour]
07. Afterglow - Solis [Infrasonic]
08. The New World (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) - Markus Schulz [Coldharbour]
09. Impossible (John O'Callaghan Remix) - Matt Hardwick Vs Gulf [Kill The Lights]
10. Fuel Of Life - Steve Allen [Excessive Pressure]
11. Terra Australis (Jorn van Deynhoven Rmx) - Talla 2XLC ft Skysurfer [Addicted To Trance]
12. Timeless 2009 (RAM & Gordon Coutts Remix) - Ron van den Beuken [RR Recordings]
13. Red One (David Forbes Remix) - Jochen Miller [High Contrast]
14. Fuzzofobia - Tigran Oganezov [WA-X Records]
15. Reflux - Mark Sherry & James Allan [Detox]
16. What's In A Name (Trance Mix) - Electronomist [Unreleased]
17. True Colours (Reaky Remix) - Gary Maguire [Discover Dark]
18. Saw Blade - DJ Choose [Nukleuz]
19. Concentrate (YOJI Rework) - Night Liberator [Hellhouse Digital]
20. Purity (YOJI's Tech Dance Remix) - Joey V [Detox]
21. Viva La Revolution! - Vandall [Trancewarez]

Thanks, enjoy!!