Below is the link to Marcie's latest Webisode, in which she answers questions sent in by loyal fans from all over world, with a few surprises included as well ;) .. hahahah


Webisode # 2:

Questions in webisode from:
Zahira Kharsany from South Africa
Katerina Tsambis from Canada
Fabian Sunset from France
Little Timmy

She has been kind enough to answer the rest of the questions sent through in her personal blog:
Marcie Speaks: Marcie Webisode 2: Your Trance Show

Questions in the blog from:
Ariel-Fors Klein, Detroit, USA
Wally Ragaey - Egypt
Eleni Tramas - Australia
Ilana Harkavy - Usa
Sandy Viola from Alabama
Naeem Shaboddin - South Africa