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Thread: D:Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer [Infrasonic]

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    D:Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer [Infrasonic]

    Infrasonic Recordings are rounding release number 30 just before the end of the year. This track is by a new team, and that being D:Folt & Paul Trainer. I personally remember D:Folt from his 'I Come Running', which came with tyDi remix, which was the main room opener at Trance Energy in 2009. Paul Trainer is another producer on the rise, already with releases out on Armada (Captivating Sounds) and Vandit Digital. It does look like an exciting release judging by the remixers, whom would be: Joe Garrett aka Temple One, The Flyers & Mike Sonar and Daniel Kandi approved rising star Liguid Vision.

    Original Mix
    Other than the synth stabs, the percussion, this track has a very driving bass which is what I would remember it for. Another thing is the vocal, which has been chopped and possibly pitched somewhat. The chops almost forms some real sentences, or some form of humming; really clever put together in my opinion. I remember Will Holland playing this at the demo stage of the tune and thinking to myself "what is this" - I need an ID now! Glad it dropped into my mailbox finally cause this this a nice, banging and effective trance tune.

    Temple One Remix
    Mr. Joe Garrett trances things up in his version. A bit more of a "clicky" kick, a sharper and more flat clap and a percussion setup which progresses in fast manner (or so it feels). The vocal has been toned down quite a bit but hasn't been cut any further and therefore delivered in the same form. The main melody has a bit of Daniel Kandi vibe to it and it certainly does the job alongside the smooth and thick pads - delish!

    The Flyers & Mike Sonar Remix
    Not new to the 'Infra' stable and certainly a team of underrated producers. Great melodic and more progressive interpretation. The vocal is different than in the two above mixes and it sounds like it has been served in a more pure form here. It actually sounds like Marcie is the singer behind them, which would make sense since she's done alot with D:Folt. The melody has a bit of a dark, sad or perhaps melancholic twist which makes it more interesting than the usual 'happy feel' that composers/producers aim for.

    Liquid Vision Remix
    This sounds a bit like a re-shaped and polished version of the original. A bit more (great) melody but still the same electro'ish bass lead and the same vocal. The bass has been given a few twists here and there as an effect. The big reverbed stabs is too a very nice addition in the mix.

    Quality package from the Infrasonic boys and with this they round off '09 in style. As said, the original was one that had caught my attention before I even knew who was behind the track. It has a good drive + the distinct vocal. Temple One delivers a very short mix, which is a bit of a shame as I felt like he could have stretched it a bit more - all of his ideas are certainly great and it's still very much worth a listen and purchase. On the progressive front, we have the Flyers & Mike Sonar who just seem to get better and better by each track they put together. Great melodic aspects and kudos for using a different vocal to make it stand out.

    OUT NOW on Audiojelly:
    Empathizer | D:FOLT & Paul Trainer | Infrasonic Recordings | Single | Download |


    Original Mix: YouTube - D Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Original Mix)
    Temple One Remix: YouTube - D Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Temple One Remix)
    The Flyers & Mike Remix
    Liquid Vision Remix: YouTube - D Folt & Paul Trainer - Empathizer (Liquid Vision Remix)

    Other releases available:

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    Temple One is huge!

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