Label : HeadRiot Records
Catalog# : HRCD001
Format : CD, Album
Country : Australia
Released : 1st January 2010
Genre : Electronic
Style : Trance, Hard Trance, Happy Hardcore, Gabber, Breakbeat, Experimental


1. Amberlive (Hangover Logic) (1:54)
2. Topaz And Torment (2010 Remake) (4:41)
3. Nihilistic Heart - Part One - Because Of You (2010 Remake) (1:38)
4. Rise Through Tragedy (2010 Remake) (5:26)
5. Walk Into The Night (feat. Megan Zuckerman) (4:17)
6. Nihilistic Heart - Part Two - Summers Without (1:51)
7. At Long Last (5:45)
8. Masterplan, Never Die (4:27)
9. Nihilistic Heart - Finale - Not Forgiven, Not Forgotten. (3:45)
10. Ghosts (Hangover Logic) (5:17)
11. Nihilistic Heart - Part Zero - The Worst, I Wish (3:29)

Total Playing Time - (42:31)


The new album 'Nihilistic Heart' by Noc.V can be described as a fusion between trance, hardcore, electronica, and even metal in some instances. The album starts off with a melancholy piano-filled introductory piece that seems to be a recurring theme at various points during the album with the "Nihilistic Heart" tracks themselves. Don't let the introduction fool you, however, as the second track entitled "Topaz and Torment" is a hard-hitting trance beat with enough peaks and troughs to satisfy even the most hardcore trance fans. It is the first full-length album to be released by Noc.V under the HeadRiot label.

"I started working on Nihilistic Heart two years ago or so. After getting a few tracks down, I knew what kind of a sound i wanted to convey. It did take a lot of time getting the album the way i wanted, and it was very much 'on and off' work with me. But with enough time, i was able to get it sounding just the way i had envisioned."

With the CD being released on various websites promoting the distribution of music, including: Reverb Nation, Melbourne Shuffle, and What.CD (among others). As stated by Noc, the goal for this first release is to get the music out to as many people as possible, and for them to listen to it and enjoy. Nihilistic Heart will also be available for purchase through Amazon and iTunes in early 2010.

YouTube - Noc.V - Rise Through Tragedy (2010 Remake) (Rise Through Tragedy)
YouTube - Noc.V - Topaz And Torment (2010 Remake) (Topaz And Torment)
YouTube - Noc.V - At Long Last (At Long Last)