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Thread: Marcie & her Trance Competition !!

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    Marcie & her Trance Competition !!

    Are you a Trance Expert? Behind The Lyric Trivia Contest! Prizes!!

    BRAND NEW BEHIND THE LYRIC! Debut January 22nd! (just a bit longer yet to wait...)

    Marcie continues her quest to get you the stories behind your favorite dance tracks. Episode 16 features Marcie's exclusive interviews with Kaskade, Sander Kleinenberg, Thievery Corporation, Elizabeth Fields, Robbie Rivera, Marcie, Lee Thomas, Tania Zygar, & Roy Malakian.

    "I'm especially excited about this episode because guests come from all over the globe, make quite a few genres of music, and really open up about what is important to them as a people and Artists."


    16 episodes of Behind The Lyric has created quite a bit of trivia! To celebrate, I have three questions for listeners! The questions come from information you can hear in episodes 14 & 15. Send me your answers, and 2 winners will be chosen at random from all correct entries.


    - BirdMan and Marcie are offering up a $20 gift certificate to Beatport.
    - One winner will be awarded a stylin' Mugasha T-shirt.


    1) In Episode 15, which Dutch Producer says,

    "Out of Melodic stuff, came trance music'? and also feels lyrics are meant "to enhance the emotions that melodies bring"

    2) Finish the phrase from Episode 15:

    "The phrase, 'Out of The Sky', is really for me about the possibilities that come from ____________, what you find when you finally stop _____________ and start living properly."

    3) In Episode 14:

    Who wrote 'Faster Kill Pussycat' with Paul Oakenfold?

    Need HINTS? It's not cheating to listen to the show again! :-D

    Check the BTL Archives on Mugasha!
    Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha


    Send your entries by email to:

    All entries must be received by January 25th, 2010. Winners to be announced January 25th, 2010.

    " I know you're an expert! Come on!!! "

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    Your Last Chance to Win with Marcie - Dont Miss Out !! - DEADLINE TOMORROW !!

    "Last call for entries for the Behind The Lyric Trivia Contest!! Entries have been pouring in, and I absolutely must stop taking them by noon EST tomorrow. I KNOW you know these answers. Send them in for a chance to win PRIZES! :-)

    DETAILS: Marcie presents "Behind the Lyric" - Episode 16 - with Competition Details

    Good Luck!


    Related News:

    Hoping Tonight for a Secret One Night Stand ?

    Hoping Tonight for a Secret One Night Stand?

    Full Article @:
    Your Last Chance to Win - Dont Miss Out !!

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    Marcie`s Trance Competition - Winners Announced !!

    "Congratulations to Laimis & Tiena for winning the 'Behind The Lyric Trivia Contest!'
    1st Prize = $20 gift certificate, 2nd prize = Mugasha T-shirt! Thanks to everyone who entered!!

    More chances to WIN WIN WIN coming soon!!!!"

    Bonus Info:

    - Catch All your favourite episodes of Marcie presents Behind The Lyric here:
    Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha

    - Marcie has 3 new banging releases just for you:

    Hoping Tonight for a Secret One Night Stand?

    - Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 16:

    Download Link:

    Track list

    01 MPT Project feat. Marcie- Breathing In (Original Mix)
    02 Kaskade feat. Tamra- Angel On My Shoulder (EDXs Belo Horizonte at Night Remix)
    03 Deadmau5 & Kaskade- I Remember (Vocal Mix)
    04 Solarstone feat. Elizabeth Fields- Part of me (Thrillseekers Mix)
    05 Sander Kleinenberg- This Is Our Night
    06 Sander Kleinenberg- This Is Miami
    07 Loverush UK feat. Lee Thomas- Call To Me
    08 Thievery Corporation- Lebanese Blonde
    09 Zoltan Kontes feat. Tania Zygar- Take Hold of Me
    10 Robbie Rivera- Closer To The Sun (Radio Edit)
    11 Roy Malakian-Solitary Soldier

    (Host: Marcie; Engineered by: Garth Ivan)

    Marcie continues her quest to get you the stories behind your favorite dance tracks. Episode 16 features Marcie's exclusive interviews with Thievery Corporation, Kaskade, Robbie Rivera, and more!


    Are there any Artists with whom you wish you could sit down, and as their track plays, ask them to speak of the story behind their music? Now there is a radio show that brings this dream close to reality.

    "Behind The Lyric" is a broadcast produced by International Major Label Artist, Marcie. The show is dedicated to giving a conversational touch to the vocals in Electronic dance music. Marcie asked some well known Singer/Songwriters in the EDM scene to speak freely about the meaning behind the lyrics of their own tunes.

    "Behind The Lyric- Episode 16" features a stellar cast of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories. The spoken words of Marcie, Kaskade, Thievery Corporation, Robbie Rivera, Sander Kleinenberg, Elizabeth Fields, Lee Thomas, Tania Zygar, and Roy Malakian are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music.

    You can hear 'Behind The Lyric on over 40 FM & internet stations worldwide.

    Future episodes in progress, and will feature incredible Artists with more riveting looks behind the lyric.

    - Luminosity Before The Energy - CentralStudios - Utrecht 02.04.10
    Catch all your Favourites - Orjan Nilsen, Leon Bolier, Ashley Wallbridge & More with Live Vocals from Marcie as well !!
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