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Thread: Uplifting Trance Mix (Jan 10)

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    Uplifting Trance Mix (Jan 10)

    DJ Name: JB
    How long you have been a DJ: I've been toying around for about 12-18 months but with very limited software, however I recently upgraded to a better package and can therefore take it more seriously now.
    Style of music played: Trance/House
    Bio: I'm an avid trance fan whilst continually trying to better myself at mixing, and hopefully one day produce some decent tunes of my own.

    Here's my most recent mix:

    Download link 1 - J-B - Uplifting Trance Mix (Jan 10) - JB - SoundCloud
    Download link 2 -

    1. Rohan Murphy - Cold Wind (Original Mix)
    2. Chapter XJ - Resurrection (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
    3. Patrick Jay - Don't Give Up (Ian Betts Remix)
    4. Oceania - Lost Horizon (Adam Nickey Remix)
    5. Joe Garrett - Paradox (Temple One Remix)
    6. Ashley Wallbridge ft Meighan Nealon - My Blood (Ferry Tayle Remix)
    7. SoundLift - Lenda (Original Mix)
    8. Matt Skyer pres. Skyover - Elixir (Original Mix)
    9. Joe Garrett - Afterglow (Temple One Remix)
    10. SoundLift - Broken Heart (Original Mix)

    Constructive criticism and feedback welcomed, I'm relatively amateur!

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    Nicely crafted with kicking beats . Thanks for the share mate. NICE ONE.

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    Cheers for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it

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