Do you have a small politician in your stomach? Perhaps your interest is economy or organization? Do you enjoy getting to know people, social conversations and daily challenges? Well, I might have an answer for you...

eRepublik is a web browser based game - a world simulator where you can work, run your own company, participate in politics, fight in wars and much more. Basically you start out as a lowly citizen, working to earn money and up your working skills. But within a week, you can start making a difference. It takes a while to get familiar with the place, and to get access to everything, but once you're hooked, there's no way back.

Binary Party og eNorway would like to take the opportunity to invite you to our small country. Two years ago, when the game was released, Norway was a proud nation, ranking second in the world, only belittled by Sweden. Now, however, we are not the biggest nation - far from it - but we are a group of dedicated and passionate lads. We are all sorts of people coming together to make our country stronger and bigger, as well as having a fun experience on the way, alongside a group of nice and social people from all around the world. Prominent people of eNorway are from Poland, Canada, Sweden, Germany, USA and off course - Norway. We all speak English, so communication is not a problem.

Today, there are around 800 citizens in Norway, but only 200 are active. This is where you come in. Even if we would love everyone to be as active as possible, you decide yourself how much time you want to invest each day. Many people spend only 5 minutes a day, by working, training and fight in wars (if there are a real wae or a training war).
However, if you wish to become a strong and influential citizen, you need to spend more time to get to know the game, the politics, and the most important part - the people! Your first natural step would be to familiarize yourself with your party. Eventually, you'd want to run for congress. If you are skilled, and gain the people's hearts and trust, you might even get elected for president.

Help eNorway become a great nation again, making friends along your way, by joining eRepublik - The New World | Online Social Strategy Game

Remember to signup in either Vestlandet or Ostlandet - Norway. As those regions are our only ones with hospital(vital).

Need help getting started? Don't hesitate to contact Scorpicus in-game
Got mIRC? We are very present on mIRC, and most of us can be reached at Quakenet, on the channels #BinaryParty and #eNorge. Don't have mIRC? Fear not. We can be reached through your browser on webchat QuakeNet Web IRC (qwebirc). Still in doubt? At least stop by for a non binding chat. We are nice people, from all groups of interests and ages.

A small Tutorial can be seen YouTube - eRepublik Video Tutorial - English, and takes about five minutes

Best regards