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    Marcie Speaks - Your Trance Blog

    Marcie Speaks :
    Glow Stick Garden -
    "I received a gift of glowsticks from a friend. We decided to light them all up at once ... "

    - Marcie Speaks: Glow Stick Garden

    Bonus Links:

    Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 4:

    tip: right click, save as

    Charlotte Martin
    Marcus Schossow
    Zara Taylor
    Yana Kay

    Track list

    01 - Yamin featuring Marcie - Desperate
    02 - TiŽsto featuring Charlotte Martin - Sweet Things
    03 - Sunlounger featuring Zara Taylor - Crawling
    04 - Marcus Schossow - Mr. White
    05 - Tim Davison featuring Stace - Deliver Me
    06 - Noiz featuring Yana Kay - Take Me To Your Ride
    07 - Fruehbel featuring Ben Sommerfield - Summerwind
    08 - Sultan featuring Zara Taylor - No Why
    09 - Saltwater featuring Marcie - Loved Up

    Here is a glimpse into what you will hear in Episode Four:

    Marcie discusses the romance inspired lyrics of "Desperate", and the power of intoxicating kisses. She also tells how "Loved Up" is the conversational confession of an irresistible beach rondevue.

    Charlotte Martin talks of her search for home through the labyrinth depicted in "Sweet Things".

    Marcus Schossow finally reveals the secrets behind the mysterious text vocal in the naughty hit, "Mr. White"!!

    Zara Taylor reveals the healing power of writing the goodbye love letter that is "Crawling". She later discusses the special meaning behind her first song, "No Why", and confesses that love is a topic she finds endlessly inspiring.

    Stace describes how "Deliver Me" speaks of letting fate intervene to deliver her on the right path in life. She expresses her desire to write lyrics that are personal, yet universal.

    Yana Kay speaks of her passion for mystical and melancholic lyrics and melodies. "Take Me To Your Ride" showcases her new album's deep concept.

    Ben Sommerfield of Fruehbel describes how the remix process was important for developing the dimensions of "Summerwind". He also speaks of the web based writing process he has with his long distance musical partner.

    EOYC 2009 on Marcie & GarthIvan GuestMix

    (exclusive debut of the Damien S remix of 'Santerna feat. Marcie- Around Again - Out in February on System Recordings)

    Download Marcie_&_Garth_Ivan_EYOC_2009.mp3 from - send big files the easy way

    1. GarthIvan - Thin Air
    2. Cream Sound - Always (Snake Sedrick Mix)
    3. Nick Murray Feat Marcie- Magnetized Arnold T Remix
    4. Santerna ft. Marcie - Around Again (Damien S Remix)
    5. Squared Curves - Dat (Original Mix)
    6. Eric Shaw - Blindsided
    7. tyDi & Dennis_Sheperd- Somehow (Original_Mix)
    8. Lange feat_Sarah_Howells- Out of The Sky -Kyau & Albert Mix
    9. Cosmonaut, Satellites - Sunrise

    Marcie presents "Behind the Lyric" - Episode 16 - With Trance Competition
    Marcie presents "Behind the Lyric" - Episode 16 - Air Date Announced !!
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