Hi friends & partners,

This week, it's a new start for the collaboration of MAVERICKZ & BEATBEN.
After the success of the original mix this summer, it's a new life for MAVERICKZ & BEATBEN - Coma.
In this promo, a new remix package with two of the most wanted remixers of the year: DA FRESH , & ALEX DEL AMO
- Everybody knows Da fresh, with his greatest hits; Broken dream, ******* track,Age of love, Yesterday, and all his famous bootlegs
- Alex del amo, is one of the spanish revelation of this year, with some collaborations with greatest spanish artists as Les Shmitz (Scratch'n'bite,Califa,Yes),
and on some international labels

- In the BEATPORT PROG/HOUSE selection this week
- Selected by the famous nightlife magazine GOING OUT

YouTube - MAVERICKZ VS BEATBEN - Coma(Da fresh rx, Alex del amo rx,Original mx)