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Thread: Please help ID these 2 Trance Tracks

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    Please help ID these 2 Trance Tracks


    i can't figure out the ID's of these 2 tracks any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

    i'm willing to give the person who can ID these tracks the whole mp3 of the track they ID 192kb/s from start to finish

    oh and i posted this around November 2009 but had no luck ~ maybe someone knows the ID to this track now~ thx

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    Dj Krystaline~

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    I don't have a clue.... but those are some beautiful sounds!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffreySource View Post
    I don't have a clue.... but those are some beautiful sounds!!!

    thanks for listening~ and ya i luv these trax i just wish i knew the ID's to them
    Dj Krystaline~

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