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Thread: DJs on AH forums

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    DJs on AH forums

    Ok I was wondering are their any big deal djs that are members on here, now and then i see them come around when they have mixes on here, so there obviously are some. Basicly could any of you guys give me the links to their profiles i'd like to know who is all on here. And friend some of them obviously xD Like for examples does Mike Foyle or ATB ever come on here? Please list off some people guys, thanks in advance.
    I'm gonna go and try and find Luke Terry, I know he is on here.

    now thinking about it I'm unsure if i've ever created a thread before on here, even though i had another account for a couple of months before this one, i don't think i ever did. lol

    i'm sure you guys can see that this is my new account (ricatro was my old one), i changed it to this one cause i felt like i grew up a bit since first coming on here. And I wanted a new username too. I'll add all my buddies as I see them around here on the forums thank you! (also wanted to say i won't be friending random people that i don't talk to much, so don't ask me if i haven't gotten to know you well please thx) AH is a blast xD

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    The resident DJ's that are on AHFM have white usernames, look out for them in the forums during their shows
    Weekly Essentials - Mondays 7pm Eastern

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    Thank you Victoria! I will

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