This Thursday (21st Jan 2010) was my final radio show for a while on http://dancebiscuit.com; I'm taking a couple of months away from the scene to concentrate on my new family, but I'll be back again very soon to start it all again! ;)

It also makes it exactly a year since I began making this podcast/radio show, so what I thought I'd do was celebrate what has come before with a show telling 'the journey so far...', putting a single song from each episode so far into 90 minutes of (for me!) pure musical bliss!

So aynyway, take a listen to the show & feel free to tell me your opinion, so that I can come back even better than before! ;)

Listen Again/Download:
FurioTek - FurioTek presents Euphonik:TekTonik 018 (The Journey So Far...) - SoundCloud


01. Stardust (FurioTek Club Intro Edit) - Stoneface & Terminal [Euphonic] [E:T-009]
02. So Far From Me (Indecent Noise Remix) - Steve Allen [Nu-Depth Recordings] [E:T-010/2]
03. Watch Me Fly (Danilo Ercole South Coast Remix) - Ken Ya & Fast Distance [Motion] [E:T-003]
04. Good Karma (Haris C Remix) - Der Mystik [Factual Records] [E:T-004]
05. Drift Away (Mike Nichol Dub REMix) - Keenan & Anderson ft. ENDC [Navigation] [E:T-007]
06. Burning Up (Greg Downey Remix [12" Edit]) - Kuffdam [VANDIT Digital] [E:T-006]
07. Long Way Back - Activa feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani [Discover] [E:T-016]
08. Shine On (Aly & Fila Remix) - Filo & Peri feat Eric Lumiere [Armada] [E:T-002]
09. Melbourne - Sean Tyas [Discover Digital] [E:T-005]
10. CazaKiStein (FurioTek's 'Simply Epic' Switch) - Cazacu & Stein [Couture] [E:T-010/1]
11. Impossible (John O'Callaghan Remix) - Matt Hardwick Vs Gulf [Kill The Lights] [E:T-016]
12. Catapult (Fabio Stein's 'Uprise' Remix) - Ben Nicky [Abstract Recordings] [E:T-013]
13. A New Day Rising (Will Atkinson Remix) - Nick Callaghan [Phase Seven] [E:T-017]
14. Phatt Parade (FurioTek Bootleg) - Scott Attrill [Unreleased] [E:T-014]
15. Get To It - Scott Attrill [Traffic] [E:T-008]
16. Blow The Speaker - Vandall [Trancewarez] [E:T-001]
17. More Power - Scott Attrill [Traffic] [E:T-012]

Thanks again to all those who have supported me over the past 12 months!
~FurioTek (Jack)