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Thread: Fast Wireless ISP

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    Unhappy Fast Wireless ISP

    Hi AH friends..!

    I really need to do something about this! I just moved to another apartment and is stuck with this MyPort internet which got this download count limit.
    I was told that some of the mobile companies could give you a better internet plan. Is this true? if so which one? I am unable to order an internet plan that uses cable so the only thing i can have atm is wireless.

    I wish to listen to AH.FM but this is hard when you have to watch how many bytes you have left on a month..

    Anyone got any ideas? Please help!

    I Live in Maroochydore QLD if that would be of any information..

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    i feel so bad for you man, but theres nothing i can do other then bump up this thread so that people notice it LOL good luck mate. (i don't know much about this sort of stuff and i don't live where you do, sorry)

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    Welcome to Australia - where the internet is living in the early 1990's.

    BTW - nice place you live in...I like Maroochydoore. I drive up there now and then...
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    Maroochydore makes it even harder its like a zone 3 or something if you can get a phoneline just get adsl (if you can) or look at like telstra next g they have some 10gb plans now days...

    next g will work pretty much anywhere you can also try vodafone but coverage isnt as good as telstra...

    good luck...

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