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Thread: In Trance We Trust 015 [Mixed by Virtual Vault]

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    In Trance We Trust 015 [Mixed by Virtual Vault]

    Hey guys,

    I have recently listened to this compilation/mix (by Virtual Vault) and I liked it hell of a lot! What do you think about it?

    Particularly stunning tracks, IMO, were 1. Slieve League 3. Trapped Inside 12. Ever Enough (welcome back Tijs ) and 13. Too Late.

    Here's the full tracklist:

    01. Bundoran - Slieve League
    02. Trebbiano - Waterville
    03. Virtual Vault Ft. Ida Helen - Trapped Inside
    04. Estuera - Hot Monday
    05. Beat Service Ft. Emma Lock - Hiding To Nothing
    06. Virtual Vault - Atlantic Wall
    07. Bt Ft. Jes - Every Other Way (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
    08. Eco - Trees
    09. Venaccio - Our Anthem
    10. Kimito Lopez - I Am Rave
    11. C-Systems Ft. Van Dresen - Embrace (Original Mix)
    12. Allure - Ever Enough
    13. Virtual Vault Ft. Orjan - Too Late
    14. Lagan Valley - Antrim
    15. D'alt Vila - Cameron Highlands

    This is a bit funny since I never heard of Virtual Vault before and this will probably be one of my favorite mixes ever. All his tracks in this mix are awesome!

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    Beat Service Ft. Emma Lock - Hiding To Nothing
    Venaccio - Our Anthem

    are 2 really awesome songs! I hear all the time on my ipod :D

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