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    Exclamation GREAT GREAT HELP PLEASE!!!!!

    Hello Everybody

    PLEASE I Need Your Help To ID The Following 2 Tracks
    I'm Searching To Find Out Their Titles For About 9 Months.It's A Non Stop Searching By Myself,Asking Many DJ,But No One Knows Which There Are.....
    They Have Drived Me Crazy!!!!
    They Have Been Played By Armin van Buuren @ Decandance Club,Greece Thessaloniki 24.4.2009
    I Have Checked Out All Live Tracklist By Armin During This Season,All ASOT,Even The Guest Mixes At 400 And Nothing Matches.....
    So If Anybody Knows Please Help Me To "Solve This Mystery"
    Here There Are The Links Of The Tunes: - GAMWID 03.mp3 - GAMWID 02.mp3


    GAMWID 03 Has Been Also Played Probably By Cor Fijneman @ Serenity 9.5.2009
    Here Is The Related Video On Youtube:
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    I'm so sorry for you man I don't know these Choons either, but let me tell that i wish i did! They sound awesome! If you find out what they are please tell me! hehe anyways you shouldn't wear yourself out like that though, trust me some of the most beautiful songs i've waited on finding, and eventually found them really easily. So its not good to waste your time, either they will come around or they won't ya know. Anyways best wishes

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