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Thread: In Search of Sunrise 6 Siberia Edition.

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    In Search of Sunrise 6 Siberia Edition.

    Funny enough, up till now, without my knowledge I had the fake ISOS 6, namely ISOS 6 Siberia Edition, whose tracklist is:

    (01) [Cressida] No More Lies.mp3
    (02) [Ikon] Signs (Jody Wisternoff Remix).mp3
    (03) [Lank] Being Defenceless (Snake Sedrick remix).mp3
    (04) [Miika Kuisma] One Morning By The Riverside.mp3
    (05) [Distant Fragment & Steve Mill] Utopia.mp3
    (06) [End-Jy & Andreas] Sitaro.mp3
    (07) [Dimitri Andreas] Verona.mp3
    (08) [Funabashi] The Shelter.mp3
    (09) [Global Experience] Madras.mp3
    (10) [Jes] In Ohm.mp3
    (11) [T4L] Alternative Route.mp3
    (12) [Tisto] Bright Morning Star.mp3
    (13) [Marc Marzenit] Trozitos de Navidad (Primavera Remix).mp3


    (01) [Jonas Steur] Fall To Pieces.mp3
    (02) [Andy Duguid] Dreamcatcher.mp3
    (03) [Jay Lumen] 1000 Miles Drive.mp3
    (04) [Solarstone vs Alucard] Late Summer Fields (Vocal Mix).mp3
    (05) [Mr. Sam] Opus.mp3
    (06) [David & Carr] Everyday.mp3
    (07) [Global Experience] Malaysia.mp3
    (08) [Mojado] Kali.mp3
    (09) [Mojado] Alma Gemella.mp3
    (10) [Mr. Sam] Smeya (Orange Project Vision).mp3
    (11) [Jav D] Silver Lining.mp3
    (12) [Tisto] Ten Seconds Before Sunrise.mp3

    I know now it's a fake version, but it's still very good. Have you ever heard this version? How did you like it? I particularly liked Distant Fragment & Steve Mill - Utopia

    Also, does anyone know if this ever became at least somewhat official? I think it's a very good mix.

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    I made the same mistake. To this day, it is still one of the best mixes I have ever heard and I listen to it regularly.
    Rob Jefferson

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