Hello everyone!

We would like to inform you about new release of our label Spring Tube.

Spring Tube's fifth release is coming from young and promising producer Deep Active Sound (Mihail Bessmertny) in a collaboration with female vocalist Cotry (Lyubov Kotrovskaya) - both from Russia, Krasnodar. Mihail previously has released several successful EP's on New Born records, but Lyubov has co-operated with some famous Russian DJs/projects. And now they together offer you their new work called "Sunrise". Perfectly produced track for any dancefloor, where people like beautiful and melodic progressive sounds.
Our good friend from Greece - Christos Fourkis (Ready Mix / Solid Fabric / Acuna Boyz / Mestiza / Panda / Dark Pleasure / SoundTribe), who needs no introduction to any fan of today's progressive music, provided us two great himself made interpretations.. of this track - original remix with classic progressive house sound + nice and chilly downtempo 'Sunset' mix.
One of nowadays rising talents from Russia - Aleksey Beloozerov (Proton / Deepology / Pitch / Deep Tune) delivers us another great version of this track. His unique style and the ability to feel the music does not cause doubt over his name in the future.
Check out, enjoy and be ready for more from Spring Tube!

Some of the feedbacks/supports that we receive from well known DJs/..producers/..radiostations:

Mariano Favre (Outside The Box / Frisky / Particles / Carica / Maktub / Dark Pleassure / Mestiza / Bellarine / SoundTribe)
About Original mix : "Lovely voice, will support" - 10/10
About Aleksey Beloozerov remix : "Great remix, really strong" - 9/10

Hyline (Jetlag Digital / DI FM / Frisky Radio / Dance Radio Global / ETN FM / Pure FM)
Support for Original mix : "Very nice" - 9/10
Support for Dub mix : "This dub mix roxx" - 8/10

Hypnotic Duo (Mistique / Jetlag Digital / Carica / Deepsessions / Panda / Pure FM)
Support for Original mix : "Nice one!" - 9/10

Mert Onat (Deep Sounds FM / Proclubin FM / Club High End / Club Beyond)
"Like all the tracks. Great release" - 10/10

Hard Rock Sofa (D FM, Megapolis FM / Pinkstar Records / S2 Records / BugEyed Records)
Support for Original mix and Christos Fourkis Sunset mix : "Very Nice" - 10/10

Pascal B (Colours / Arches / Death Disco)
"Strong release. Aleksey Beloozerov remix is the strongest in my opinion, but i actually like all mixes which is rare for me. Quality." - 4.5/5

Chris Drifter (SoundTribe / Plastic Fantastic / Bonzai / Ready Mix / No Smoking / Mistique / Swordtail / Mestiza / Pure FM / Dance Radio Global)
"Christos Fourkis did a great job" - 3.5/5

Eryo (Mistique / Deepsessions)
"Great release! Nice melodic progressive" - 4.5/5

Johan Nilsson (Program Director of DI FM)
"Enjoying the two dub versions. Will be supported in our Progressive Channel"

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto / Lost Angeles / Polytechnic / Inkfish / Source Of Gravity / Curvve / Dissident / DI FM / Proton Radio)
"Great production quality in this package, but it's not really the style of Progressive that I'm currently spinning. The Dub mix is my favorite version here. Good sounds being used throughout"

Embliss (Electronic Elements / Proton / Silk / Morphosis / Mistique)
"Aleksey Beloozerov does it again! Stunning dub!"

Chloe Harris (Further / Proton / Mashtronic / Brown Eyed Boyz / Maktub / Jetlag Digital / Bellarine)
"Great production, just a bit too trancy for me"

Suzy Solar (Solar Power Music)
"Planning to support Aleksey Beloozerov Dub"

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK / Polytechnic / Morphosis / Mistique / Flextone / Sundesire / Progressive Grooves / Dance Radio Global)
"What a great package guys - 7 mixes is wonderful to see these days! I really like all the tracks and I can see them all working well. The Sunset mix is a nice addition and Christos' remixes are very radio-friendly I think I would chose this as my favourite. Best of luck with the release"

Style Clash (Elfsong) (Proton / Silk / Toes In The Sand / Morphosis / Mistique / Bonzai)
"The Dub mix is nice and deep!"

Jacob Henry (Silk Royal Records / Proton Radio)
"Love both Dub mixes in this package - Original and Aleksey Beloozerov"

Michael Witness (Deep Blue / Bonzai / Silk / Deepsessions / ETN FM)
"Christos Fourkis Sunset Mix for me and for my Silk Visions radio show"

Smooth Stab / Soarsweep (Spring Tube / Neuroscience / System)
"Alexey Beloozerov remix is nice"

Founder Of Sound (Pure FM)
About Aleksey Beloozerov dub remix : "Amazing track! Very beautiful leads and pads! Dynamic and emotional music!" - 10/10
About Christos Fourkis remix : "Very beautiful music too!" - 9/10
About Dub mix : "Really great stuff!" - 8/10

Release is available exclusively on Beatport.
Listen and buy it if you like it:

Thanks for your support!

Spring Tube's team,