* News:

- Soon enough Nellie Recordings will launch a podcast. Right now we're just waiting for jingles to get record and produced. After that, the plan is to run it twice a month. The podcast will be available through iTunes and our podcast site which you can find here: Nellie Recordings Podcast

- As some of you might know, we have launched a little Nellie Forum. We are aware of the competition out there but I'm really fond of the idea of having running my own forum. However, you can check it out here: Nellie Recordings Forum • Index page

- News page added to the server thanks to the wonderful Wordpress. If you want to read some about random events on Nellie, this site might be the right choice for you. Nellie Recordings News

* Released on Nellie:

- In January we started off nicely with a bangin' track from Audible called "Blackout". Even though it wasn't the success we hoped for, we're still in love with the track. Hopefully more to come from him very soon. If you missed this release, you can check it out here: https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...11994/blackout

- In mid January a new face showed up on Nellie - the talanted Alandanat. With a smooth track in "Northwest", we're just so pleased to have him onboard. The remixes from Invisible Sounds and EDU are of course solid. https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...4712/northwest

- Last but not least we released Alaa's new EP which received great response from a variety of DJ's. Alaa showed some diversity in this release and that's really important. Maharashtra is a personal favourite! https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/...rashtra_kerala

* Release Schedule:


2010-02-05 Project M.C. - Kontrol / Crossing The Sun (Original Mixes)
2010-02-12 Claes Rosen - Endeavour / Delirious (Original Mixes)
2010-02-19 Cloudivers - Sunrise On Mars / We Are Cloudivers / Autumn (Original Mixes)
2010-02-26 EDU - Undead / Skeleton (Original Mixes)


2010-03-05 Alaa & Kristoffer Ljungberg - Soleil / Lune (Original Mixes)
2010-03-12 Kaspar Kochker - My Soul / Let's Funk Together (Original Mixes)
2010-03-19 Dezza - Good / Apt201 (Original, Ricky Inch, Sami Saari and Kaspar Kochker Mixes)
2010-03-26 Something Good - La Biankini (Original, Club, Dave Cortex, Tarmo and Terry Da Libra Mixes)