This new mix features 12 out of 16 freely available tracks and one new infinityloop track which will be out soon.

Psyentifica Meum cor Duxisti [latin to english translation : you have lead my heart]

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OOOD - Alpha Relaxation (edit) [10 Year Isratrance Forum Psytrance Compilation]
Infinityloop - tribute [unreleased]
Eat static - holy stone [Back to earth : Interchill]
Pan Psychic - Ozone Cloud [We are not who we are : Sunstation]
Capsula - Dendreamers & Dreamers [V.A. Next Destination (Tribute to Zolod)]
psyentifica - entheogenic [Entheos Archive Vol.3 : Ektoplazm]
Mike Oldfield - Only time will tell [The Songs of Distant Earth : Reprise/Warner Bros. Records]
Psylent - Planeta Tierra [Hispanodelia : Ektoplazm]
Daniel Eng - Remain [Zeitgeist : independent]
Explicit - Green Illusion [Unprimitive EP : Cosmogenesis Recordings]
Koan - Fulfilled Wish [Fulfilled Wish EP: Sunstation]
Daniel Eng - Absence [Zeitgeist : independent]
Brian Robinson - Signs forever [acroplane va 01:]
Yudhisthira - Next Destination [Next Destination: Ektoplazm]
Mesardian - Saluberimae [Cyclotron: Goblin Records]
Senzar - Into The Forest [Amber Gold Of The North : Zealotry Music]

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