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We would like to inform you about new release of our label Spring Tube.

Spring Tube continues to discover new talents and the next label's release, sixth in line, introduces you another fresh duo on the progressive house producers' scene. Teana & Tiida (Alexey Drayling & Aleksandr Pekshev) - two young musicmakers from Russia, each of whom is also a solo producer. Previously they've worked in a trance music direction. Style's changes in favor of progressive house sounds guys explain as the fact that people tend to change something around themselves. The same thing is also with their music - what they are trying to produce now, they really like. Spring Tube's team has also enjoyed the great ideas, nice melodies and quality production all around from this duo. As a result now together we present you the debut EP of Teana & Tiida project with 3 beautiful tracks. Hope you will enjoy it as much as we had.

Release was reached #1 position on Release Promo Hype Chart, and also the first places there on Progressive Chart & House Chart + we receive lots of great feedbacks/supports from well known DJs/producers/radiostations, here is just a part of them:

Serge Devant (Ministry Of Sound / Ultra / Armada / Hooj Choons / Pacha / Vapour / EQ)
Support for "Tiida" : "Nice" - 8/10

Cid Inc. (Global Underground / Bedrock / Proton / Mashtronic / microCastle / Restart / Tribal Vision)
About "Snow Flakes" : "Love the mood on this one!" - 8/10

Royal Sapien (Olaris / Proton / Particles / Polytechnic / Toes In The Sand / Frisky / Jetlag Digital / Bellarine / Fade / Proton Radio)
"Great EP, guys! Each track is very nice. I like "Snow Flakes" the best. Will support"

Darin Epsilon (Perfecto / Lost Angeles / Polytechnic / Inkfish / Source Of Gravity / Curvve / Dissident / DI FM / Proton Radio)
"Nice collection of tunes here. I really appreciate the more organic and natural sounding style of electronic music. Liking the sounds that are being used. "Snow Flakes" is my favorite from this package"

Johan Nilsson (Program Director of DI FM)
"Great EP! Enjoying all 3 tracks. Full support in our Progressive Channel"

Dynamic Illusion (Armada / I Love Deep / FeralCode / Swordtail / Toes In The Sand / Morphosis / Silk / Mistique / Frisky Radio)
"Amazing release! I really like all tracks, especially the happy sounding in "Tiida" and the breakdown in "Weather". Mellodic dreams here, yeah baby!"

Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK / Polytechnic / Morphosis / Mistique / Flextone / LuPS / Liquid Surface / Sundesire / Progressive Grooves / Dance Radio Global)
"Wonderful release - such a deep mellow groove to the whole EP - I can't decide which song is my favourite, if I had to pick it would be "Tiida". I love the synth stabs and the bass it's gorgeous"

Miss Nine (Armada / Black Hole / Yoshitoshi / Harem / Proton Radio)
""Tiida" is the one" - 4/5

Yuan (Black Hole / Bonzai / Auryn Music / Forbidden Sessions)
Support for "Tiida" : "Very Nice!! Will play this in my radioshow and liveset" - 10/10

Michael & Levan (Mistique / Toes In The Sand / No Smoking / Mestiza / Tilth / Morphosis / Silk / Pitch / Jetlag Digital / Panda / Afterglow / Pure FM / Insomnia FM)
About "Tiida" : "Nice melody" - 8/10

Hyline (Jetlag Digital / Baroque / DI FM / Frisky Radio / Dance Radio Global / ETN FM / Pure FM / Global Beats FM)
Support for "Tiida" : "Fantastic" - 9/10

Mariano Favre (Outside The Box / Frisky / Particles / Carica / Maktub / Dark Pleassure / Mestiza / Bellarine / SoundTribe)
About "Tiida" : "Lovely track" - 9/10

Hypnotic Duo (Mistique / Jetlag Digital / Carica / Deepsessions / Panda / Pure FM)
"Great release!!" - 8/10

Vogelmann (Frisky Records / L2 Music / EMI / Jetlag Digital)
Support for "Tiida" : "Nice and fluffy. Perfect opener" - 9/10

Phonic Deep (No Smoking / Carica / Mistique / LuPS / Pure FM)
Support for "Tiida" : "Awesome track" - 9/10

Suzy Solar (Solar Power Music)
"Planning to support "Tiida"" - 7/10

Jacob Henry (Silk Royal Records / Proton Radio)
"Awesome EP here - 3 lovely melodic prog tracks. Will keep my eyes out for more Teana & Tiida work"

Michael Witness (Deep Blue / Bonzai / Silk / Deepsessions / ETN FM)
""Tiida" is amazing track! And "Weather" is very beautiful - nice melodies."

Josh Abrams (Frisky Records / Rapid Response Recordings / Proton Radio / Frisky Radio)
"Fantastic! Full support!" - 9/10

George Georgakopoulos (Freeze Magazine Greece / Free Radio / Devilock Recordings)
About "Tiida" and "Weather" : "Nice progressive tunes" - 8/10

Anton Sever (Frisky / Royal Tracks / Secret Weapon)
About "Tiida" : "Beautiful track. Good sense of expression and the sound is not very standard boring progressive" - 9/10

Jon Doe (Nachtangst Records / Club Fuse / Club KitKat / Club69)
About "Snow Flakes" : "What a beautiful track! I'm sure this will stay in my records case quite a while!" - 10/10

Mert Onat (Deep Sounds FM / Proclubin FM / Club High End / Club Beyond)
"Will support "Tiida". Lovely work" - 9/10

Miss Renee (Divatronic Records / Melbourne Progressive Promotions)
About "Tiida" and "Snow Flakes" : "Perfect...Beautiful!!" - 4.5/5

Dan Southward (Pure FM / Sense FM)
"Beautiful melodic tracks, tough to pick just one, but I guess "Weather" would be the standout one!" - 4/5

Eryo (Mistique / Deepsessions / Pure FM)
"Magic piano lines" - 4.5/5

Pascal B (Colours / Arches / Death Disco)
"Another nice release from Spring Tube. And another 2 russian producers to keep an eye on. "Tiida" is really nice relaxing progressive with a nice groove. Very good." - 4.5/5

Release is available exclusively on Beatport.
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Spring Tube's team,