Ivica Vanevski & Saturn 6 “Now!” OUT NOW [Red Sky Digital] Inc Ali Wilson Remix !!

Ivica Vanevski & Saturn 6 “Now!”

:: RSDR006 ::
(Big Kev Remix)
(Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix)
(David Adams Remix)


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Andy Moor, Anthony Dean, Bobina, Ernesto vs Bastian, Claudia Cazacu, Darren Tate, Ben Gold, Dale Corderoy, Graham Gold, K90, Manuel Le Saux, Ben Nicky, Mark Sherry, Matt Church, Tom Colontonio, Vicky Devine, Adam Symbiosis, Alan Banks , Coxy, DJ Code Y, Glyn Waters , Ivica Vanevski, Kelly Jay, Latex Zebra, Lee Osborne, Mark (Data Transmision), Mat Lock, Matamar, Nathan Cryptic, Robert Gitelman, Saturn 6, Thomas Shore, Timmy Whiz, William Daniel (Till Late), Adriz, Pete M

Darren Tate & Dale Corderoy – Original Mix featured on “The Mondo Sessions (03-02-2010)”
K90 – Ali Wilson Remix featured on “Destinations Radio Episode 12”
Mark Sherry - David Adams Remix featured on “Outburst Radio Show 139”
Mark Sherry - Hi guys..im torn between the Ali Wilson mix and the David Adams mix..both are wicked. Cheers !! M
Ben Gold - Ali Wilson's mix for me!!
Matamar DJ’s – Original featured on” Language of Trance #35”
Bobina – Ali Wilson Remix features on “Russia Goes Clubbing 71”
Andy Moor - Ali Wilson Tekelec Remix featured on “Moor Music Episode 029 (01-08-2010)”
Thomas Shore - This release is simply amazing. After this 6th release, we can now say that RedSky has its own sound signature!
Matt Church - Massive release with 4 top mix's, love what David Adams has done on this one too!! Loads of support from me!!
Anthony Dean - Proper trance... I love all of the mixes
Vicky Devine - Liking the Original, David Adams and Ali Wilson remixes of this and could see me playing all of them in different sets.
Manuel Le Saux - David Adams Remix featured on his top 20 tunes!!
Alan Banks - Ali Wilson mix for a cool prog take. A solid package.
Graham Gold - The original wins for sure.
Claudia Cazacu – Ali Wilson Remix radio support!
Cryptic & Sonus - Ali Wilson mix is doing it for us!
Adriz - A solid release! All mixes are very good, but I think my favourite has to be the David Adams remix! So full of energy! Full support!
William Daniel (Till Late) - Ali Wilsons mix is the pick of the bunch for me
DJ Code Y - Supporting the Big Kev mix, big time!
Timmy Whiz - Red Sky does it again!! another massive release. I predict big things for the guys in 2010 The Big Kev remix gets my vote on this release 9/10
Latex Zebra - Nicely done. All mixes are playable but the quirkiness of David's mix has me totally sold. Big props for the Tekelec mix!
Glyn Waters - Liking the original but the Ali Wilson remix tops it for me

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Here we have some newcomers to Red Sky and they deliver a beautiful Trance track packed with a warmth that will have you yearning for summer.
Warming up the dance floors as well we have a mix from David Adams who provides a tougher, techier work out and another energetic mix from Big Kev.
As if that wasn't good enough, Ali Wilson provides a Deep Tech Trance Groove with another fine TEKLEK mix.
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