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Thread: Marcie Presesnts "Behind The Lyric" - Episode 6

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    Marcie Presesnts "Behind The Lyric" - Episode 6

    Marcie Presesnts "Behind The Lyric"


    Are there any Artists with whom you wish you could sit down, and as their track plays, ask them to speak of the story behind their music? Now there is a radio show that brings this dream close to reality.

    "Behind The Lyric" is a new broadcast produced by International Major Label Artist, Marcie. The show is dedicated to giving a conversational touch to the vocals in Electronic dance music. Marcie asked some well known Singer/Songwriters in the EDM scene to speak freely about the meaning behind the lyrics of their own tunes.

    - Behind The Lyric- Episode 6 Now At Music Radio - Free online radio shows

    Featuring Marcie, Jes Brieden, Shelley Harland, Sied van Riel, Tiff Lacey & DJ Khaled Hussein.


    Track List:

    1) D:FOLT feat. Marcie- Exhale
    2) Motorcycle- As The Rush Comes (Armin van Buuren Remix)
    3) Jes- Heaven (Myon Remix)
    4) Different World feat Shelly Harland (Nick Murray Remix)
    5) Trebbiano - Mulberry Harbour
    6) Vendetta- Labyrinth (Audio Affinity Remix)
    7) Khaled Hussein - Into my dreams (Original Mix)
    8) Solarstone feat. Jes- Like A Waterfall (Club Mix)
    10) Thomas Penton & John C feat. Marcie- Sinners Kitchen (Thomas Gold Remix)

    Here is a glimpse into what you will hear in Episode Six:

    "Behind The Lyric- Episode Six" features a stellar cast of Songwriters and Vocalists sharing their stories. The spoken words of Marcie, Jes Brieden, Shelley Harland, Sied van Riel, Khaled Hussein, and Tiff Lacey are mixed on top of their tracks, and the listener can journey intimately along with the Artists and their music.

    MARCIE premiers the original version of 'Exhale', the first track off her upcoming album with D:FOLT. The tune speaks of support systems that exist to catch us when we fall. Later Marcie reveals the cheeky tale behind the provocative lyrics of 'Sinners Kitchen'.

    The esteemed JES BRIEDEN needs little introduction! Jes makes her debut on Behind The Lyric with the story behind THREE of her biggest hits! She discusses the inspiration and collaborative magic behind 'Heaven', 'As The Rush Comes', and 'Like A Waterfall'.

    SHELLEY HARLAND describes writing tunes from others perspectives, how songwriting has helped her cope with the pain of her father's death, and the bonds formed through her long distance musical collaborations.

    The first DJ SPOTLIGHT is on Spinnin and Blackhole Producer & DJ extraordinaire, SIED VAN RIEL. Sied reveals why Trebbiano's 'Mulberry Harbour' is often included in his sets. He speaks of how he builds his sets to take the crowd on a trip, and how he balances travel and his home life.

    TIFF LACEY describes the indie feel of Labyrinthe. She wrote the title first, and was inspired by the edgy guitars to maintain a dark vibe throughout the vocals.

    The second DJ SPOTLIGHT is on Egypt's DJ KHALED HUSSEIN. Khaled took time to interview with Marcie about a variety of topics including his recent production work, managing a label, and his greatest times behind the decks.
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