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Thread: Mallorca Lee - Let's Go Back [MLXL] Out Now

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    Mallorca Lee - Let's Go Back [MLXL] Out Now

    Release Date : 02/03/2010
    Record Label : MLXL
    Cat# : MLXL006
    Media : MP3/WAV

    2010 and as we continue .. Mallorca Lee serves up his first release - "Lets Go Back".

    This literally sounds like Mallorca nicked the TARDIS in a Bill & Ted inspired Adventure, kidnapped UNDERWORLD then went back to Detroit / Chicago in the early 90's via Mallorca's studio before giving the party drenched TARDIS back to the DOCTOR !! A driving arpeggiated bass line drenched in peak time bleeps and stabs with some vintage old skool vocals samples thrown in for good measure.

    As the track builds to a breakdown that pays homage to the classic "Strings of Life" with its inspired orchestral strings section and filtered piano that builds the track to a full on, hands in the air, energy rush right to the bass line's thundering re appearance ...

    Early support from Marco V, Judge Jules, Mark Sherry & DJ Choose.


    Original Mix: YouTube - Mallorca Lee - Lets Go Back (Original Mix)
    SystemBot Remix:
    Don't Delete Remix: YouTube - Mallorca Lee - Lets Go Back (Don't Delete Remix)

    OUT NOW in the following stores:

    iTunes : Lets Go Back - Single by Mallorca Lee - Download Lets Go Back - Single on iTunes
    Beatport :
    Audiojelly : Lets Go Back | Mallorca Lee | MLXL | Single | Download |
    DJDownload : - Label Directory - MLXL
    Junodownload : Lets Go Back by LEE, Mallorca on MP3 and WAV at Juno Download
    Trackitdown : MLXL Downloads at Trackitdown

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    i'm definitely digging the original mix of this choon!

    systembot remix is pretty good also

    will buy my copy of this track later

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