PLN035 N.R.G. Cell - Trip to Fantasy - Polena Records

After long time awaited, Polena Record, a new Italian Indipendent Eletronik Label, is proud to release in the best digital Shops
the debut of artist N.R.G. Cell with his first Ep called Trip to Fantasy,high quality music based on bouncing kicks, strong basslines and a lot of melody.
Recommended for all of the progressive music lover who likes dancing and the mix of several style what makes
the tracks more interesting and colourful. In the music of N.R.G. Cell you can find trance melodies, psychedelic
effects, techno, minimal techno, electro sounds and house infection on a powerful base.
Listen it loud and come to a trip to fantasy with N.R.G. Cell!
Cat N. PLN035

Date Release: 2010.03.15
Format : wave, mp3 - Digital Shops
Artist: N.R.G. Cell
Ep: Trip to Fantasy
Country: Hungary
Genres: Progressive Trance

Track Name:
1 Morning Star - 07:33
2 Straight Line - 07:30
3 Trip to Fantasy - 08:08
4 Shaker - 08:17
5 Take It - 07:52
All tracks are unreleased.

Enjoy to listen...!!!

Artist Bio:

N.R.G Cell is a progressive project of László Lukács aka Psylody.
Psylody and his friend Tom founded the Y-East live act in 2007 and they made and released a lot of psychedelic fullon tracks.
The N.R.G Cell project is a combination of several electronic music like progressive, trance, house, techno and
upgraded with minimal-techno and psychedelic sounds.
If you like the pumping and melodic electronic music with powerfull kick and bassline you should listen to his work!

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