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Thread: Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 12

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    Marcie Presents: Behind The Lyric- Episode 12

    Nadia Ali,Roger Shah, Marcie and MORE !!

    Download Marcie_presents_Behind_The_Lyric_Episode_012.mp3 from - send big files the easy way

    zSHARE - Marcie_presents_Behind_The_Lyric_Episode_012.mp3

    Behind The Lyric by Marcie | Mugasha
    behind the lyric 12 with Marcie | Mugasha

    Track list

    01- Danilo Ercole feat. Marcie- Broken Wings (Easy Mode Mix)
    02- Urban Astronauts feat. Lucia - Animal (Mark Sherry vs. Matt Darey Mix)
    03- DJ Shah feat. Adrina Thorpe- Who Will Find Me (Original Summer Sunrise Mix)
    04- Damien S. feat. Marcie- Love Me & Leave Me (Tom Noize Remix)
    05- Dave Graham feat. Cat Martin- Love Always Fades feat Cat Martin (Michael * De *Kooker Remix)
    06- IIO- Rapture (Riva Remix)
    07- Armin van Buuren feat. Nadia Ali- Who Is Watching (Dj Remy Roland Klinkenberg Remix)
    08- Dahlback, *Diaz & Young Rebels Feat. Terri B. - Can't Slow Down (Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels Vocal Mix)
    09- Lisa Shaw- Music In You (Julius Papp Deep Vocal Remix)
    10- Christian Scott- The Circus (Bonus Mix)

    (Host: Marcie; Engineered by: Garth Ivan)

    Here is a glimpse into what you will hear in Episode 12:

    Marcie tells the emotional story behind the Armada release, 'Broken Wings'. *Inspired by a sighting of a fragile baby bird on the sidewalk, Marcie created a metaphor of the bird as a metaphor for the risk we take when we fall in love. *We all struggle to fly, and we often get hurt in the process. * Tiny voices can cry out with a big heartache. *

    Matt Darey spoke with Marcie live at Winter Music Conference in Miami. *He gave a behind the scenes peek into the making of the video for his controversial rocktronica track, 'Animal'. *He explains how the imagery in the video suits the lyrics.

    Roger Shah met up with Marcie at his first Winter Music Conference. *He was there for his nomination for an IDMA. *He spoke about making 'Who WIll Find Me', & how he incorporates all the various vocalists into his productions. *He often chooses from various ideas of his own, and those he receives from the singers. *He outlines his intense production and touring schedule, and explains how he manages to write on the road.

    Marcie also speaks of writing *'Love Me & Leave Me', when she felt she couldn't handle love with conditions. *The mixed messages she felt she was getting from her relationship were causing her to lose her sense of self. *She questions how people can be simultaneously intimate and hurtfully secretive with each other.

    Cat Martin says that "Love Always Fades" is about how love can make us blind. *She says sometimes we stay with a lover everyone who cares about us warns us about. *We do this because we think that our lover is the only one who truly sees us. This tunnel vision can be harmful in the long run.

    The much requested Nadia Ali speaks of "Rapture" & "Who Is Watching". * Rapture was about a romance that began in a night club. *Nadia feels her writing is genuinely motivated by matters of the heart. *Her track with Armin van Buuren, "Who Is Watching", is about being involved with someone who took their success for granted, and allowed it to change them. *People who constantly want something bigger and better can find themselves alone.

    Terri B. wrote 'Can't Slow Down' about her transitioning herself from featured artist to the forefront. *She speaks about real life emotions in her dance songs. *Terri B. has been asked to change lyrics in a track, and says she will not sacrifice her thoughts and talents for those who aren't sure what they are doing.

    Lisa Shaw speaks about writing happy themed songs that aren't cheesy. *'Music In You' is off her brand new album. *She speaks about the challenge of running her own record label, and how the extra work is worth it for the freedom it entails.

    Christian Scott describes how his deep tech track, 'The Circus', is representative of the environment he works at in Madison Square Garden. *He is inspired by hearing other music, and finds himself in the studio creating every day. *

    - Trance Contest on Behind The Lyric

    Marcie`s performance at Luminosity is right around the corner, and to celebrate, here's a new chance to WIN BIG:

    *Winner will be a guest on Behind The Lyric!!!*
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