Artist: Magnetic Brothers
Title: Mystic Names
Release Date: 2010-03-08
01) Anja
02) Alessa

Description: There are many different names in a whole world! Every name is special ... and only some of them are mystical! We were able to get a contact with the girls - owners of such names, then we had felt all their power and harmony of their magic. As if under the influence of certain spells strange music and bursts of mystic emotions were getting our hearts and consciousness.
Since these prints were born mystics, and names in the form of music. And now you dip their minds to the world of mysticism and feel what we have already felt.

Some feedbacks and reactions:

Suzy Solar: Supporting “Alessa”

Mario Rybansky: Will support.

George G.: Very good

Greg Desty: Love it

Dingle: Nice deep vibe

HypnoticDuo: Amazing track for warmup!

DJ SlanG: “Anja” is for me Will test her ;))

Jerome Robins: Very good low slung groove....Will this one early ..Well done \ Quality release here the atmosphere on this one

Xaric: Nice tune!

Niko Fantin: Sticky melody, makes me remember a track from Sasha.

Julian Neamtu: Interesting combination, support

Andy Newland: “Anja” has a cool vibe

Dj Dave Carden: “Alessa” is a very good dark track overall. Bbravo

A.Koch: Great job, my 5 stars