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Thread: SPR007 | Magnetic Brothers Tunnel (incl. Pacco & Rudy B, Suke8 remixes) | OUT NOW

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    SPR007 | Magnetic Brothers Tunnel (incl. Pacco & Rudy B, Suke8 remixes) | OUT NOW

    Hello everyone!

    We would like to inform you about new release of our label Spring Tube.

    With the first this spring's release and the seventh in general Spring Tube goes deep and techy. Authors of "Magshine EP", which was released on our label three month ago, Magnetic Brothers, this time presents to you their newest track "Tunnel", written in a best traditions of this though young but very talented duo from Russia, which has its own unique sound.

    Pacco & Rudy B - deejays and producers from Croatia, who have releases on such labels as Baroque, Monad, Balkan Connection and also are the resident artists of Proton Music and Particles, deliver us the first remix on this release. In time these guys have reached very high their own production quality level that they prove in this work conclusively.

    The second remix comes from another producers' duo - Suke8 from Chile, which appeared recently in past year, but in our view has a good future with its interesting sounds' ideas. The guys have already finished another remix for us, but about that later... Enjoy now this remix and this whole release - we think you will like it!

    Some of the feedbacks/supports that we receive from well known DJs/producers:

    Matt Darey (Darey Products / Nocturnal / Armada / Ultra / Hooj / DI FM / Proton Radio)
    Support for Original : "Good for Matt Darey" - 8/10

    Cid Inc. (Global Underground / Bedrock / Proton / Mashtronic / microCastle / Restart / Tribal Vision)
    "Thanks for this. Suke8 remix is great!" : track already played on artist's "Deplug" radioshow.

    Vogelmann (Frisky Records / L2 Music / EMI / Jetlag Digital / Frisky Radio)
    Support (+chart) for Original : "Very creative work!" - 9/10
    Support (+chart) for Pacco & Rudy B Remix : "Love the melodies!" - 9/10

    Mariano Favre (Outside The Box / Frisky / Particles / Carica / Maktub / Dark Pleassure / Mestiza / Bellarine / SoundTribe)
    "Full support!"
    And about Original : "Best track of this month so far" - 10/10

    Niko Fantin (Balkan Connection / Frisky Records / microCastle / Restart / Emote / Frisky Radio)
    Support for Original : "Amazing ambience, really original stuff" - 8/10

    Sasha Le Monnier (Source Of Gravity / Proton Radio / DI FM / Dance Radio Global / Ensonic FM)
    Support (+chart) for Pacco & Rudy B Remix : "Sweet remix, thanks!" - 8/10
    Also support for Suke8 Remix : "Nice hypnotizing sounds here!" - 8/10

    Michael & Levan (Mistique / Toes In The Sand / No Smoking / Mestiza / Tilth / Morphosis / Silk / Pitch / Jetlag Digital / Panda / Afterglow / Pure FM / Insomnia FM)
    Support for Original Mix and Suke8 Remix : "Nice" - 8/10

    d-phrag (Frisky Radio / Beat Agency)
    "Pacco & Rudy remix is excellent!" - 4.5/5

    Steve Marx (Reticent / Ministry Of Sound / Only)
    "Suke8 remix is my pic" - 3.5/5

    Alex Aguilar (BIT Records Mexico / Kansak / Jetlag Digital / Xela Digital / Indalo / Seaburn)
    "Very nice remixes! Will play" - 4.5/5

    Embliss (Electronic Elements / Proton / Silk / Morphosis / Mistique)
    "Suke8 remix for me!"

    Hyline (Jetlag Digital / Baroque / DI FM / Frisky Radio / Dance Radio Global / ETN FM / Pure FM / Global Beats FM)
    "Full support for this wonderfull release"

    Escadia (GU / In Deep We Trust / A Must Have / System / Seaburn / Pure FM)
    "Love the remixes but I prefer the Original Mix. Thanks for this great release"

    Nick Stoynoff (Key / Baroque / Particles / Balkan Connection / Silk / Nightshade / Further)
    "Wicked release, love all the mixes"

    Duane Barry (Digital Sensation UK / Polytechnic / Morphosis / Mistique / Flextone / LuPS / Liquid Surface / Sundesire / Progressive Grooves / Dance Radio Global)
    "Really like the Original and especially the Pacco & Rudy B remix - nice warm bass and energetic synths"

    Jacob Henry (Silk Royal Records / Proton Radio)
    "Another nice one, guys - the original mix is superb"

    Aleksey Beloozerov (Proton / Particles / Pitch / Deepology / Spring Tube)
    "Guys thanks for a great release, really liked the original, very well done!"

    Technodreamer (Spring Tube)
    "The most I have enjoyed the original: sharper sounds of Magnetic Bros with their melodic percussion, yamm =) Paco & Rudy B remix sounds quite nice, too. It's liter, more atmospheric synth gets the melody higher"

    Suzy Solar (Solar Power Music)
    "Great Pacco & Rudy B remix!" - 7/10

    Dingle (Metadeko) (Baroque / Bonzai / Babylon / Bellarine / Jetlag Digital / Airport Route)
    Support for Original Mix and Suke8 Remix : "Excellent" - 8/10

    Phonic Deep (No Smoking / Carica / Mistique / LuPS / Pure FM)
    Support for Pacco & Rudy B Remix : "Lovely melodies here" - 7/10

    Hypnotic Duo (Mistique / Jetlag Digital / Carica / Deepsessions / Panda / Pure FM)
    Support for Original : "Nice one" - 9/10

    Mert Onat (Deep Sounds FM / Proclubin FM / Club High End / Club Beyond)
    "Great package here" - 9/10

    Tom Beltor (Frisky Radio)
    Support for Pacco & Rudy B remix : "Solid track. Love it!" - 8/10
    Support for Original : "Great work. Support it in my show" - 8/10

    George Georgakopoulos (Freeze Magazine Greece / Free Radio / Devilock Recordings)
    Support for Original : "Beautiful tune. Dark but with a bright side, tech with a progressive feeling. Just awesome" - 9/10
    Also support for both remixes.

    Release is available exclusively on Beatport.
    Listen and buy it if you like it:

    Thanks for your support!

    Spring Tube's team,
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