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Thread: COU065 Mitchell Claxton- The Phobia EP (March 29th, 2010)

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    COU065 Mitchell Claxton- The Phobia EP (March 29th, 2010)

    Mitchell Claxton from Canada is making his debut on Claudia Cazacu’s Couture label with an EP called “Phobia”. Since his first release “Shadows EP” he has upped his game and who knows – this might be the next tech trance star in the making.

    01. Mitchell Claxton- Ouranophobia
    02. Mitchell Claxton & Matthew Antolin- Keraunophobia

    First phobia is Ouranophobia which is a faster paced tech trancer sitting comfortably at 140 bpm. It kicks things off with a heavy bassline from bar one and keeps pushing the energy with teched-up synth lines and underlying acidic touches.

    Second phobia would be Keraunophobia and a collaboration with Matthew Antolin. It’s a fast-paced techy affair with hard hitting percussion, heavy beats and a brief but spot on orchestral themed break.

    Another round of dark and techy beats from Couture!

    (big thanks to Kris Andrews from Enhanced for providing me with a summary write-up!)



    Activa - Sessions 014 08 Feb 2010

    01. Oliver P - Lost Without You (Original Mix) [Enhanced]
    02. Paul van Dyk feat. Jonny McDaid - We are One (Giuseppe Ottaviani Mix) [Vandit]
    03. Greg Downey - Showtime (Original Mix) [Reset]
    04. John Dopping - The Mind (Activa Club Mix) [Digital Society]
    05. Mark Burton - The Fifth Element (Original Mix) [Soundpiercing]
    06. David Forbes & William Daniel - Devil's Theory (TNR Remix) [Tetsuo]
    07. Ronald De Foe - Razor Sound (Original Mix) [2 Play]
    08. Mitchell Claxton - Ouranophobia (Original Mix) [Couture]
    09. Peetu S - Footprints (After the Sunset Mix) [Kill the Lights]
    10. Activa - Sniper (Original Mix) [Discover Dark]

    About 1,500 listeners tuned in when track was played

    Gordon Coutts- Trance Life Guestmix
    With Con Phillips on (07/03/10)

    01: LCK feat.Lenka Brazda- Want You
    02: Sneijder- The Phuture (Cliff Coenraad remix)
    03: DJ Eco- And We Flew Away
    04: W&W- DNA
    05: Ron Van Den Beuken- Timeless (RAM & Gordon Coutts remix)
    06: Mitchell Claxton- Ouranophobia
    07: Indecent Noise- Aerospark (Gary Maguire remix)


    Daniel Kandi - Mitchell Claxton EP supported ! 7/10 !

    Agustin Servente (from Heatbeat)- love the track! great stuff (no confirmed support)

    Paul Trainer - wicked stuff. ouranophobia is my fav 9/10

    Gordon Coutts
    - Mitchell Claxton- Ouranophobia/Keraunophobia - Really liking both tracks here, but its 'Ouranophobia' that really stands out. Will definitely be using this one in my sets!

    The Viceroy - Loving the Phobia EP - right up my street

    The ub3r fresh cover art was provided by Ryan Mendoza for this release

    Out March 8th on all major download stores including trackitdown, Beatport, Audiojelly etc.

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    out TODAY on iTunes, Beatport, Audiojelly, Trackitdown, Junodownload etc.

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